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A Lil’ Feastin’ in La Trinidad: Le Festin Bistro

They had me at

La Trinidad metro Baguio Le Festin Bistro apple and chicken salad 2018

Apple and chicken salad =)

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Bay Leaf Restaurant (Cris ‘d Cuisine): Flourishing Amid the Times


2012 2013 2014 2016 Baguio Bay Leaf Restaurant by Cris d Cuisine

Bay Leaf visits through the years  (2012 to 2016)

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OMG! I <3 Veggies! =)

Me thinks, the title says it all.

(I’m so glad I was born and raised in Baguio City where I’m never away from fresh produce.)

Oh My Gulay (OMG) sign and menu

Up to the 5th floor for OMG food! Here’s the OMG menu. So what are you having today? ^^,

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