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UPDATE: The List

Some changes have been made to our Baguio restaurant list yet again.  What did they say about the only thing that’s constant in life? ^^,

There were some additions … yup, a few food establishments have opened up since our last update like Sumo Sam and Beans Talk, the in house cafe at the City Center Hotel (that ridiculously … or should I say, perilously tall building on Session Road *shyeew)

Beans Talk column

The Beans Talk column. I do hope these are super fortified =)

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UPDATE: The List

Just in case you didn’t know, I recently changed my table of contents page into a copy of my list of Baguio restaurants to try.  (“,)

If there are places that I have missed (I’m sure I did. There are a lot of places *whew!), feel free to leave a comment about the restaurant you found out about.  I thank you in advance for your contribution to the Baguio food quest!

Mama's Table dining table

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