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Unexpected Foodtrip at Voyager Restaurant, El Cielito Inn

The initial plan (after running some errands where Ate Beth, my brother and I had to be present) was that …

2016-03-20 Baguio Voyager Restaurant at El Cielito Inn (5)a

Tahoooo! \m/

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Intermission: Binge Watching Food Movies

That’s films with food, about food, cooking food, people gathering in the kitchen talking while preparing food, serving dishes upon dishes of food on the table, eating food …

Takes a lot of time that activity … the watching, I mean. =)

Xine favorite food cooking movies (2)

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A New Meaning to the Phrase ‘Food for Thought’ PS2 (postscript 2)

Of all the meals that we have in a day, breakfast is probably the easiest (to make and to make delicious ^^,).  Grab a box of cereal, pour on the milk; it’s good and you’re ready to go.  *harhar  I remember when I graduated to high school; my grand uncle asked me if I already knew how to cook.  I told him not that well but I can prepare breakfast quite easily.  He suddenly laughed and said, oh, breakfast; go out to the bakery and buy pandesal.  BUSTED!  I was so busted.  *sheepish grins all around =b

Dining out for breakfast, especially if it’s a buffet from a hotel restaurant, you’d no doubt expect a lavish and delicious spread.  You could be wrong.  I was… Read More…

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