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Ozark Diner: “Grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet tater.”

Howdy, y’all! Ozark Diner Baguio hamburger and fries 2014 Ready to … Read More…

We’re on A Roll! at Zushi Me Sushi Fushion

All rightie, it doesn’t say eat all the rolls but I didn’t find a sign that said just that so this will have to do, my foodie friends.

Baguio ZushiMe 2014 Eat all the sushi!

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Dulcinea, I Taste Heaven…♪

Going musical/broadway today, we find the Man of La Mancha describing Dulcinea with every sense but taste (almost; he didn’t smell her either =b).  It’s only right considering; Dulcinea (really Aldonza) is a person. *hee  Having said/sung that he sees heaven when he sees his Dulcinea, there’s a little bit of heaven (specifically, Spanish food heaven) to taste  eating at Dulcinea at the Chalet (Hotel) Baguio.

Chalet wall decor/lights

The Chalet wall decor/light. Ohhh, pretty! (“,)

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