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Eatscursion 2601: Mountain Chef International Cuisine & Cake House

Eatscursion 2601! \m/

La Trinidad metro Baguio Mountain Chef International Cuisine and Cake House 2018

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Session Eating Session: Peak Garden Bistro and Veneer Resto Cafe

A day food questing on Session Road. \m/

Baguio Peak Garden Bistro dining area 2017

Welcome to the Peak!

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UPDATE: Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Another lunch date at Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant for me and Race. \m/

dining at Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Another lunch date at Te Quiero. They’ve still got their interesting looking glasses, the ones that had a cracked design near the bottom. From an empty table to a table full of good Baguio eats. =)

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