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Invasion of the Korean Restaurants: Samgyeopsal House, Hodori Noodle House & Keumsan Korean Restaurant

Anyong haseyo, my foodie friends! Welcome to the watagata edition of Here, There, Everywhere.  ^^,

O Dong Tong Samgyeopsal House Korean Restaurant Baguio 2014

The little samgyeopsal house on General Luna.

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Destination Chow: Newtown Square Baguio (Redbuggy Burgers, Woodnymph+Tea, & Teacup and Cake)

Redbuggy Burgers Baguio 2014 stuffed burger

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Under the Tree Book Café: H-A-N-G O-U-T \m/

Found the perfect place to hang out in the center of town.  (“,)

Under the Tree Book Cafe 2013

Hang out with us Under the Tree (“,)

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