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Poofee Blend Cafe: It’s The Shit

It’s the shit. \m/

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Lolita Bistro Cafe: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Come fly with me ♪ ♫ … and this little plushie panda …

Baguio Lolita Bistro Cafe air balloon light fixture


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UPDATE: Route 55

Food Adventure at Lights Out (3rd Installment)

The electricity was turned back on by the time we hit Route 55 for dinner but it’s fun to think about ‘everything we accomplished’ the day of the black out. *snickers, lamon fest. (Click here for the breakfast, lunch blogs.)

It was as good a time as any, Race and I thought for quelling our pulled pork curiosity/craving that started the first moment we browsed through the Route 55 menu.

Here’s what we had on that visit.

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