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Eatsploring the City of Pines: The Menus Edition 3

Hey, hey, hey, Baguio food questers! I hope you enjoyed the Independence Day holiday weekend. (“,)

at Baguio Pudgy Pudding with apple pie warm pudding 2017

At Pudgy Pudding having a warm apple pie pudding ^^, [I don’t really have a menu from this joint (got shy to take a photo because it was right at the counter with the proprietors *hee) but this one is P145 and the most expensive one was the cold special at P170 thereabouts.]

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UPDATE: Good Taste Restaurant

It’s time we have an update blog for Good Taste Restaurant … even if it’s just a few photos (of the same stuff we order.  Well, almost *hee).

Xine's favorite Good Taste dishes

*nomnomnom (“,)

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