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After Hope, Out Came Good Food from Pandora’s Box Cafe

Okay, it’s been more than a week since Halloween, so …

2015-11-10 Baguio Pandora's Box Tavern Cafe with the monsters at the archery range

With monsters and a dragon.

what’s going on here?

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Chillin’ and Grillin’ at IhawJuan Ihawan

Almost didnt get to …

X and the guys at Baguio IhawJuan Grill All You Can (4)


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(Forced) Intermission

Scheduled power outage again.  So I was offline for most of the day and I got the perfect excuse for going on a food binge. *hihi

With my brother, (who seems to be my Baguio food quest companion during a blackout =b), one more place where to eat in Baguio has been checked off the list. \m/

Luto ni Juan kanin ni Juan

 I also found  Read More…

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