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Baguio Greatest Hits for Good Food

With the right answer posted on this blog’s Facebook page, I thought it a good time to shine the spotlight on this Baguio great for good food now. (Thank you so much, Rinna and Sam for joining the impromptu giveaway. Congratulations, you guys! Will be meeting you with your prizes, asap. \m/ Keep a look out, Baguio food questers. I enjoyed myself so much with that giveaway, we’ll be doing more of that.  *wink)

 Kadis Grill and Fastfood Baguio chafing dishes of food 2014

This next eatery for good simple but staple food Baguio is pretty well known in the City of Pines. (Although Read More…

Hill Station: Take Refuge in Good Food

Baguio City, for its cool climate, is a refuge for many in the hotter months of the year.  This is the very essence of what a hill station is and now, with Casa Vallejo being reopened (I used to fantasize seeing what it looks like inside this place as a child =D), Baguio residents as well as visitors to the city have a place to take refuge in that serves good food.

Hill Station dining area, staircase

Ahhh, the staircase to the dining area. (“,)

Read More…

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