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Beefy Homecooked Greats at Bakareta Restaurant

We’re back …

La Trinidad metro Baguio Bakareta Restaurant bakareta

Bakareta ^^,

And back  Read More…

Ramanam: Go On, Have A Taste

The “have a taste” part of that title, I’m saying in the high pitched voice of John Simcoe, the (super annoying *hihi) character from Turn: Washington Spies TV series. =b Cannot wait for season 3, fingers crossed it doesn’t suffer the same fate as Forever. (“Walang Forever” Tsk, a shame with that one.  That plot could’ve developed into even more exciting entertainment. *rolling my eyes … at the powers that be at the networks.)

Baguio Ramanam eatery sizzling sisig 2015

Sizzling sisig ^^,

Oh, sorry, I’m moving too far away from the matter at hand. *tee hee  In this post, I’m going to Read More…

Notable Edibles #5 – Mr. Hapi Tinapao/Siopay

Ahh, snacktime. (“,)

Tinapao (or Siopay if you like …) from Mr. Hapi

Allow me to be a girl of a few words today (rarely happens so relish the moment *heeharhar) as I delight in these soft and flavorful little buns.

Mr. Hapi tinapao/siopay bread

A cross between Read More…

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