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Where to Eat in Baguio/What to Eat in Baguio – New Menus

Well, hellooooo!

Baguio Coffee Stains at Forest Lodge 2018

Hot choco and a yuge cookie =D

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Passion and Indulgence for Sweet Luxuries at Sweetmates

Food – it’s one of our most basic needs.

If you break food down to categories like dessert however, edible treats like cake, pastries, etc., can easily be referred to as luxuries.  (If you’re wondering what the difference of luxury and need is all about, you just have to think about it this way: Will you die if you don’t have/get that particular thing? Giving a purely logical, no drama answer =b, it would most likely be a no.)

Sweetmates, the Legarda Road cafe

The quaint Sweetmates outlet. Cameo appearance: Sir Omeng. =)

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