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Soledad’s: Where Memories of Good Home Cooked Food Come Back to Life

A common proverb in the Philippines goes; ‘Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, di makararatíng sa paroroonan’.  (Literal translation: He, who doesn’t know how to look back on where he came from, will never reach his destiny.)  This can also apply to food when we take a look at the options we have for getting good food today.  Our society has developed so much in the food industry, that even the biggest brands for food in other countries, e.g., McDonald’s and Starbucks have found their way here.  Some had a little difficulty breaking into the Baguio market and some even failed (Wendy’s and Kenny Roger’s Roasters) but with the arrival of these restaurants, the number of places to eat at in the city had risen exponentially.

Food Staples at Soledad’s Read More…

Diner Dash: The Face Off between 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner (part 1)

Diner dash for the three most established diners in Baguio City is on!  This ‘competition’ is powered by X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods with judge, Xine.  And the contenders: Glenn’s 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner.  Going beyond speedy service, this competition is going to rate the food, the price of the food, the quality of service, and the ambiance that each of these restaurants have.  Let the gaaaaames begiiiiiin! Read More…

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