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Intermission: Of Doggie Seizures and Sneak Peeks

My furry companion is at it again. =S

Canine seizures, the vet told me, don’t really have a cure (Major BUMMER!) but they can be managed by a variety of treatments. Since overheating is the most common probable cause, I give my doge a dip in the tub (the biggest palanggana we could easily carry home *hihi) … followed by a real bath (we’re there anyway =b) at least once a week.

Walking the dog(s) at CJH Ecotrail Baguio 2015

My poor seizure boy. =( (He’s happy in this photo, of course; rolling out his pink carpet of a tongue. All dogs are in a walk. *hihi)

With my little (nonscientific) notations on when he has bouts of the shakes, I began to notice some patterns. What we managed to keep to two seizures in two weeks, is now becoming four seizures in two weeks and the fourth one he had early this morning was pretty bad.  The stuff that I think gives us the longest duration in between the attacks – bangus as well as whole grain bread, doesn’t seem to be working its magic today.  [I try to avoid the anti-seizure medications when I can; the last thing we want is medication tolerance/resistance. (Those pills don’t come cheap, either.)]

I’m going to put off the feature post for today to watch my salt and pepper lovie like a hawk but so we won’t waste any time, I’ve still got some Baguio food/restaurant details to serve to you.

Sneak Peek (“,):

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