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How We Go About the Food Blogs This Holiday Season…(“,)

I have mentioned before that Christmas is the Philippines’ biggest holidayLong before December (in October, specifically *hihi), the holiday spirit is already in the air (especially in the City of Pines when the temperature starts to drop).  Now, with just 10 days to Christmas, it’s gotten freakishly hectic.

Baden Powell Inn snowman family decor

Xine with the Snowman family! (Mr. Frosty D. Snowman, the Mrs., and their little one. (“,))

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Cozy at Cosy’s (“,)

I’m so happy, I couldn’t think of anything to say.  (“,)

Cosy's Cafe and Roasterie view

A cheery sight! *smiling from ear to ear

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Get Your Christmas Spirit On, Dining at Cosy’s Café and Roasterie

Besides food, I also like to take photographs of sights and scenes.  (Again, these photographs help my memory *hihi  I’ve had so many senior moments =)))  One of the sights I never forget to take pictures of is the houses with overflowing Christmas spirit.  There are mainly two houses well known for this, the one in Naguilan Road and one in Brookside.  You can say that I’m the Christmas house stalker.  (“,)  As you might have guessed, these houses become picture worthy around the holidays.  Good thing then, this is the Philippines, the Christmas season starts as early as October.  \m/

Baguio Houses with Overflowing Xmas Spirit (",)

Baguio Houses with Overflowing Xmas Spirit (“,)

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