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Rasa Pura was Sweet on Me =b

Actually, it was just the grass jelly and the lemon chicken. *hihi  The other things we had in our latest(ish) Baguio food quest were savory to say the least.

But this, wasn’t the good Singaporean’s fault. (That’s ‘rasa pura’ translated. Information courtesy of our attendant, Sir Ryan. Thank you so much!)

Rasa Pura Baguio by the entrance

Xine and Beth welcome you to a new food establishment in the City of Pines =)

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Forecast at Casa Pizzeria: A Downpour of Pizza with A Chance of Pasta

It’s been said (and joked about) that being a weatherman is probably the best job that one could ever have.  Their justification: “It’s the only job you can keep while being wrong 80% of the time.”

Speaking of weather, we’ve been having some really strange and unpredictable ones of late and when it’s monsoon-y one day, it’s warm (even scorching hot *shyeew) and fine and dandy on another.  Today (06/17/2013), we’ve got a tropical depression in the Philippine area of responsibility and thank the gods, it’s not rearing its ugly head yet. (Hope it just fizzles out … hate stormy weather =b).

Casa Pizzeria/De Leon Pizza inside the casa

Inside the little casa … Room 306 De Leon Building is not necessarily on the “third” floor.  Enter the building from the Session Road entrance, the casa is the door on the right before you get to Western Union. (No flights of stairs to climb.)

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A Moment of Peace at Cafe de Angelo

With an area of 57.5 square kilometers, Baguio City is a pretty small city.  Although it’s not the smallest (According to some funny man on Yahoo answers, it’s Legoland with its scaled down buildings and its temporary population. =b) and not that big either, it can still be pretty noisy with sounds like passing vehicles, welding sounds from a nearby construction etc. going on in the surroundings.

Sometimes, you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle.  If only for a short period of time like lunchtime, snack time or an early dinner, the perfect dining experience would be at some place quiet.  So where to eat in Baguio?  Think outskirts of the city like Eve’s Garden and Mama’s Table.  For someone on a budget, however, these places may be out of the question.

Cafe de Angelo outdoor cafe

The outdoor cafe that is Cafe de Angelo

There  wasn’t any choice Read More…

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