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What’s Your Flavor, Cafe Sapore?

Sapore by definition means flavor.  With a long time friend as my Baguio food quest companion, we went to Café Sapore to assess just how saporous this cafe is. =D

Cafe Sapore sign

Welcome to Cafe Sapore

We worked/walked ourselves up an appetite when we finally arrived at 36 Legarda Road.  (Yes, we’re still in that part of the city and yes, this is another restaurant trying to bring life to the dead zone.  ^^,)  Jo’s been seeing this café going to and from town and she was super curious about it.  So here we are, killing curiosity before it killed us. =b Read More…

Route 55: Good Food Bringing a Dead Zone to Life

Legarda Road is a long road starting off at the Heritage Mansion and ending at the intersection of Marcos Highway/Ben Palispis Highway.  When there are lots of shops, hotels, restaurants and other kinds of businesses in the first part of the road; the latter part is mainly a dead zone of sorts.  Just to prove my point, a huge building that has never been finished stands in the vicinity as a marker.  Passing by that section of Legarda at night, it even seems as though the street lights are dimmer and the air colder. *whoooo =b

Route 55 sign

Route 55. Admit it, it’s beckoning to you. =D

With the opening of more businesses in the dead zone, this area of Legarda Road is slowly being brought to life.  Read More…

Sinamak? Why, Yes Please…to Both

Wondering what the two sinamak-s is all about?  You’ll get your explanation in, 3, 2, … You see, sinamak is vinegar infused with a bajillion spices (at least, that’s how I would like my sinamak =D…That’s how Beth would like it, too and she can take the heat when it comes to chili infused vinegar, but not me.  No comment about vinegar – of any kind – from Karla.  As you would expect from our resident baker, it’s all about the sweets.  *hihi).

Sinamak vinegar

Sinamak sinamak *harhar

In Baguio City, Read More…

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