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Destination Chow: Newtown Square Baguio (Redbuggy Burgers, Woodnymph+Tea, & Teacup and Cake)

Redbuggy Burgers Baguio 2014 stuffed burger

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Baguio Dining A La Carte – More Menus

It’s proving to be a busy summer and with all the events … and work =b that I have to do, I find myself drawing blanks about what to say about a particular Baguio restaurant. For the time being, while I’m gathering thoughts up, I’ll leave you, afoodionados with a few more menus from food establishments that my foodie lovies and I have recently checked off the list or revisited.  Here’s to making you ready for your upcoming food adventures in the City of Pines. (“,)

1.) Barney’s Burger

Barney's Burger Baguio menu 2014

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House of Waffles: Eggs – Just the Way I Like Them

How do you like your eggs?

Baguio House of Waffles western skillet

The western skillet: Country fried potatoes topped with fresh eggs (cooked your way), shredded cheddar cheese, diced bell peppers, tomatoes, green onions, two strips of bacon and two sausages with toast all in a skillet. *shyeeew that was a long menu description =b

Baguio House of Waffles menu

The menu…at least one of them front and back. (Sorry for the cut sides guys. I was taking photos then just so I have a reference for what to order when we came back next. ^^,)

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