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Intermission … The Mallow Creme Jars have Names on Them Now

The mallows are done toasting and jet puffing in their 7oz Kraft jars and three people have got their names on it. ^^,

And the winners are… (drum rolllll ♫♫)

Kraft Jet Puffed Mallow Creme from Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe Baguio

Thank you, Samantha Justine for leaving a blog comment;
Sir Rico for answering a question;
and Ela Katrina for giving the Cuttie Cuppies FB page a thumbs up. =D

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Intermission … for a Hap-Happy Dance

December! Wee!

As Andy Williams sang, ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ and boy, do I love it. What’s not to love?  (“,) The chilly night air that makes everyone bring out their coats, comforters and other fuzzy snugly things; houses all dolled up bringing holiday cheer to passersby; the anticipation of the holidays and everything that comes with it (vacay; time of togetherness; celebrations of giving, love, and life) and more

Let’s give a listen to Andy’s song as performed by the Muppets shall we? ^^,

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