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Pausing for the Holidays (“,)

Holiday fever/bliss has officially set in! ^^,

Much like it was last year … and every year, for that matter, it’s a really hectic season (That goes for you, for me, for many of us *shyeew). Not only is it almost panic time for gift shopping and preparing the menu for our holiday feasts, but also it’s time to get some last minute work done – gotta scrounge up a little bit more to end the year with a bang! (for the perfect feeling of accomplishment =b).

Which is why we’re going to put the Baguio eatsploration posts on hold till January 2, 2014. Before I leave you (… to your own devices? Nah, I know you can do it!), let me repost last year’s holiday message because for all that we’ve accomplished this year, it’s as true today as it was then.

xmas wish

And just in case you missed it,  Read More…

Forced Intermission Due to Intermit-net =(

Geez, Louise! My internet’s moving at a snail’s pace.  Arrgghh! It’s bringing to mind the part of the slug in the Monsters University movie. (That’s somewhere 12 minutes into the flick.) =b That determined look on the character’s face, that’s me. But my connection’s not cooperating. *sigh

I’ve been sitting in front of the PC reloading and refreshing since lunch to get a post up and it’s only now that I got the ‘Edit Post’ page to load. (Can’t even watch my favorite shows that’s been ready for streaming hours ago *sniff sniff.) It even got worse with the little downpour that we had just now.

Oh, well, we’ll always have two days after for a new post.  (Fingers crossed, the net will be on hyperdrive by then. ^^,)  Catch up reading on Baguio restaurants and food, anyone?

For now, here’s me wishing your week’s/day’s going well, my fellow foodies. (“,)

Intermission … STILL On Duty for a Sick Doggie =(

My furry friend is still sick, afoodionados. *sniff sniff

…still in the process of diagnosing what the triggers are for his seizures.

I was going to cover an establishment that falls under our simple but staple category today but I can’t really concentrate on the post in my worry.  =(  I hope you have a better day than I’m having, foodie friends.  Take your pick from any of the places in our list and read on and eat on!

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