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Intermission …Holiday Rush, take 2 (“,)

And it’s take two for the holiday rush, this time for preparations for the New Year celebration!  Have a blessed Sunday, passion-eat people (Wee, finally came up with my own variation of foodie \m/) no matter how hectic it’s getting/already has gotten.

***For those who just joined the Baguio food quest:  We’ll go back to regular programming after the holiday season. =D

Intermission…Holiday Rushhhhh! (“,)

Hello there, eatcentrics!  We’re a couple of days to Christmas and yes, the holiday preparations are at their most crucial.  Here’s me, wishing you a fantastic (though probably, hectic) weekend! (“,)

Pausing for the Holidays (“,)

Holiday fever/bliss has officially set in! ^^,

Much like it was last year … and every year, for that matter, it’s a really hectic season (That goes for you, for me, for many of us *shyeew). Not only is it almost panic time for gift shopping and preparing the menu for our holiday feasts, but also it’s time to get some last minute work done – gotta scrounge up a little bit more to end the year with a bang! (for the perfect feeling of accomplishment =b).

Which is why we’re going to put the Baguio eatsploration posts on hold till January 2, 2014. Before I leave you (… to your own devices? Nah, I know you can do it!), let me repost last year’s holiday message because for all that we’ve accomplished this year, it’s as true today as it was then.

xmas wish

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