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Food Trip at Moe’s Outrageous Resto Deli

Like a pumpkin turning into a wondrous golden carriage for Cinderelly …

Baguio Moe's Outrageous Resto Deli facade 2015 Read More…

My C Boutique Hotel Diet

“A diet is when you watch what you eat and wish you could eat what you watch.” ~ Hermione Gingold

Luckily for me, I must have won some kind of jackpot in the genetics/metabolism lottery that I could afford to be on a “see food diet” – a phrase coined by my sister which means “I see the food, I eat the food”.  (Although heaven knows how much I cross my fingers and mantra that I wouldn’t wake up one day with everything I ever ate catching up with me. *POOF I go, in my imagination. Perish the thought =D)  .

Hearing about the C Boutique Hotel and running a search for their in house restaurant, I stirred myself up into excitement.  This was a food adventure that Race, Jo and I had to go on, TOUT DE SUITE!

C Boutique Hotel sign

When we got to the hotel, Read More…

Choco-Late de Batirol and the Cold Days …and Hot Days in Baguio

Going on a mission to inspect what the Manor has in store for the holiday season 2012 (I’m referring to their garden décor), Race and I also returned to Choco-Late de Batirol to see what’s changed since we’ve been there two years back.

Chocolate de Batirol sign

To provide you with a contrast of that visit and this visit, let me first Read More…

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