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Beefy Homecooked Greats at Bakareta Restaurant

We’re back …

La Trinidad metro Baguio Bakareta Restaurant bakareta

Bakareta ^^,

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Baguio Dining A La Carte – More Menus

It’s proving to be a busy summer and with all the events … and work =b that I have to do, I find myself drawing blanks about what to say about a particular Baguio restaurant. For the time being, while I’m gathering thoughts up, I’ll leave you, afoodionados with a few more menus from food establishments that my foodie lovies and I have recently checked off the list or revisited.  Here’s to making you ready for your upcoming food adventures in the City of Pines. (“,)

1.) Barney’s Burger

Barney's Burger Baguio menu 2014

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Good Eats 24/7

Looking to eat a midnight snack/odd-hours-of-the-night meal, and craving for something specific (that’s not in your refrigerator)? Here are the food establishments (bars not included =D) in Baguio that are open 24 hours. Read More…

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