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Notable Edibles #6 – Mountain Grown Natural Foods Yogurt

In this case, it’s a drinkable. =D

Mountain Grown Natural Foods – Homemade Yogurt

Available in two flavors, these beverages are sold for P30 a bottle at the Mountain Grown Natural Foods store in Porta Vaga. (UPDATE 12/28/2013: They’re back beside ZenTea in a snazzier store. They temporarily were at the old Paliz’Zata.  So you’ll still be heading for the ‘rooftop’ parking lot, a few steps away from the facade of Cathedral.)

Mildly flavored as pandan or dragon fruit, they’re Read More…

OMG! I <3 Veggies! =)

Me thinks, the title says it all.

(I’m so glad I was born and raised in Baguio City where I’m never away from fresh produce.)

Oh My Gulay (OMG) sign and menu

Up to the 5th floor for OMG food! Here’s the OMG menu. So what are you having today? ^^,

Read More…

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