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Still on Season’s Eatings Mode in February 2020

I know, I know, I’m still on about Season’s Eatings. *hihi

Baguio King Shawarma 2020 X with Uncle Hosein

With Uncle Hosein at his “new gig”. =)

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How the List Looks…(the second excerpt of 2013)

Here’s a little recap of the Baguio restaurants we’ve covered.  Let’s pick it up from our most recent excerpt. (“,)

Point and Grill lengua

Lengua for P99. (Was it P99 or ??? I’m sure it cost next to nothing.) You can’t really see the tongue but it’s under there, trust me. *heee  I have a fallback for those budget tight moments. Thank you, Point and Grill! (“,)

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How the List Looks…(the first excerpt of 2013)

So where are we with the Baguio food/restaurant blogs?  Here’s what we covered (from the list and from our previous recap) so far.  (Now, let’s all get back under the covers. It’s SO c-c-c-cold in  the City of Pines today! *shiver shiver =D)


Rose Café – CHECK!

Soledad's lomi

Soledad’s lomi – YUM! (“,)

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