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Keep Calm and Eat Ramen Nagi Universal Noodle

So a well known restaurant serving Japanese greats has found its way to the City of Pines.

Baguio Ramen Nagi favorite ramen King butao, black king, red king, green king 2017

The fantastic four #FavoriteRamen (“,)

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Tajimaya Charcoal Grill – Now Open for Your Grillin’ & Chompin’ Needs


2016-05-14 Baguio Tajimaya Charcoal Grill store sign

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Diner Dash: The Face Off between 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner (part 2)

And now for part two of the diner dash competition!  On your mark, get set, go!

The Second Contender: Jim’s Retro Diner

In comparison to 50’s Diner, the longest running diner in Baguio City, Jim’s Retro Diner is fairly new.  It sort of looks like a ‘mini me’ compared to the veteran restaurant for its smaller floor space, smaller diner booths and smaller retro era memorabilia.  A one up that the Retro Diner has on the other diners in this competition is that, they’re right in the center of town, Session Road.  Walking by La Azotea building, be sure to look below Sports House, so you won’t miss it.

Jim's Retro Diner interior

Diner Interior

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