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Somtam Thai Resto: Som Tam and the Best of Thai Cuisine

I’ll try to make this short and sweet, guys, because I’m not feeling well. (Fingers crossed, this is not the one time, big time sick for 2019 or ever. *hee)

Baguio Somtam Thai Restaurant dining area 2019

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Chef’s Home: Where the Flavors of Asia Converge

Cruising around the vicinity of Mines View/Wright Park, I noticed a particularly nice house being built.  (Finally, a house facing the main street/Mansion House.  I used to think about this a lot passing by to get to work at the academy.  If I had a house on that street, I would put my gate on Romulo Drive; it’s more accessible.)  As you already know, nice houses call to me and I so wanted to see what was beyond the interesting looking gate of this property.  (“,)  Good thing, it was meant to be Chef’s Home; a bigger and better establishment for Asian cuisine.  (Chef’s Home used to be in Apollo Store.  I guess, back then, it was a Chef’s store.  Mleh, corny. =b) [UPDATE 06/01/2015: Moved back to No.13 Outlook Drive (Apollo Store)] UPDATE 03/07/2018: Chef’s Home moved to #88 Unit C, Marcos Highway (Old Sicat Hotel), Bakakeng Central.

Baguio Chef's Home Asian Fusion Cuisine 2012 door sign

Chef’s Home =D

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It Takes a Ketchup Food Community to Make a Happy Tummy

Or is it the other way around? ^^,

No matter.  But just so you know, before any of the other eating places at the Ketchup Food Community came to be, there was Happy Tummy.  A Thai restaurant opening for business at the most opportune time (when people became more receptive to Thai cuisine), they serve pad Thai, chicken pandan, fried tilapia in tamarind sauce, som tam salad, Thai iced tea and more.  What with the mega flavors that their offering of Thai dishes have, you can order up something as simple as eggplant salad and eat it viand-like with bagoong rice or maybe the more downplayed salty flavor rice – Thai rice.  A good and filling meal for a happy tummy.  (“,)  That’s what Race and I did the first time we visited this restaurant.  Hanging out in one of their dining tables in a hut, we had happy tummies in no time.

Happy Tummy scene, eggplant salad, bagoong rice, pad Thai and drinks

View from our Happy Tummy hut, eggplant salad, bagoong rice, pad Thai and drinks (Thai iced tea and tamarind juice. ^^,)

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