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UPDATE: Info Bites Under the Baguio Sun (and Rain =b) You can Sink Your Chompers Into

1.) Mario’s Breakfast

This banner had been hung up in front of the restaurant a pretty long time ago and if I haven’t told you that there was breakfast available at Mario’s, this is me, telling you now. *hihi

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5 Restaurants, 5 Sumptuous Buffet Feasts for Your Mom on Her Special Day

(Hi there, foodie friends! A post a day early to make it just in time for Mother’s Day; that is, if you haven’t got any plans thought up yet. *hihi)

UPDATE 05/15/2013: I’m just moving this post from May 11 to May 12. OCD lang =))

1.) Le Chef at the Manor

Time Price
Lunch Buffet 12:00 – 2:30 Adults – P980Kids – P490
Dinner Buffet 7:00 – 10:00 Adults – P900Kids – P450

2.) Le Monet Hotel

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UPDATE: Citylight Hotel Coffeeshop

Finally made good on my promise of making another visit to Citylight.  This time, it’s to experience dining at their café.  Initially, our goal was their brazo de Mercedes (which I was at the height of my craving for, when we didn’t get it at Red Cherries or Danes…or Goldilocks – that story later ^^, I’m still craving for it.)  I didn’t know that the day before I so wanted to eat brazo, Citylight posted a photo of it on their Facebook page (must mean it’s available rightie? *hihi).

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