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UPDATE: Army Navy Session Branch

In my October 7 post, Army Navy: To Enlist or Not to Enlist, That is the Question, I mentioned that the Session Road branch had a hazard of a side entrance.  With the door sill all ready to trip anyone who walks through, insult is added to the injury when you fall from the step.  (Ouchies, that’s what happened to me. *huhu)  When my brother and I paid a visit to Army Navy, I noted that the door sill was finally removed. Still BE VEWY, VEWY CAREFUL – Elmer Fudd tone – passing through that door, the step can still be slippery. (My sister’s friend is in a cast now, because of that blasted entrance.) RATING UPDATE 11/15/2012:  Ambiance:  Zero treasure chests for the Session Road branch for their hazard of a side entrance. How can you enjoy your meal when you’re writhing in pain or rushed to the hospital for a broken leg or a twisted ankle? =( DON’T enlist in Army Navy Session…that is unless you use their main door, the one closest to the street. =b For the love of your legs and ankles, avoid the side entrance at all costs!

How the List Looks… (another excerpt)

Baguio Strawberries

Baguio Strawberries

Here’s where we are so far with Baguio restaurants. (Hotel restaurants not included.)

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We All Scream for ‘Strawberries and Ice Cream’!

Let’s get real, it’s not that cool in Baguio City anymore.  *sigh.  The -ber months are in and I still haven’t taken my trusty comforter out from storage.  With this strange extension of warmer days, a great way to cool down is to eat ice cream.  (Though some say that ice cream can warm you up like soup can, it can still provide for a moment’s comfort of beating the heat. =D)

Strawberries and Ice Cream ice cream creations

Banana Split (on a plate), Mango…something, maybe craze?, Black&White, and Very Strawberry ice cream creations. (“,)

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