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Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe and the Wondrous Delights Beyond B.C., PI

Christmas is in the air!  … and we feel it in the temperature drop. \m/ (Jack Frost’s nipping at my fingers, my back … c-c-c-Cold.)

(I’ll put the verdict on my taste test for yum-yums that Cuttie Cuppies sent me in the photo captions.  It was a tough choice to pick a favorite since each had their own merits.  I’m thinking too that they’re not really in the same category to be compared to each other, so anyway, here we go. =) )

Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe Baguio See's toffee-ettes

See’s Candies toffee-ettes. While I’m not really a nut person (nutty, maybe, yes *harhar), with See’s Candies Toffee-ettes and Almond Royal, I didn’t mind the nuts. Toffee around the almonds was a delightful way to eat almonds. (to be continued on Almond Royal photo)

If you’re anything like my sister, you’d like goodies galore (ready) for the holidays; those that were unheard of before, new and special.  You’ll be glad to hear that we have a ‘supplier’ for these in Baguio City now. =D Read More…

Eatsploring Eve’s Garden with New Foodie Friends

It’s time I made good on giving the winner of the X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods blog anniversary giveaway (whew, that was long *hee) her prize.

exploring around Eve's Garden's garden

Ela (and Paolo) in the garden, amongst the lettuce, the chives, the rosemary and mint plants. =D

She had Eve’s Garden on her list and so I thought of helping her check it off.

Read More…

Forced Intermission Due to Intermit-net =(

Geez, Louise! My internet’s moving at a snail’s pace.  Arrgghh! It’s bringing to mind the part of the slug in the Monsters University movie. (That’s somewhere 12 minutes into the flick.) =b That determined look on the character’s face, that’s me. But my connection’s not cooperating. *sigh

I’ve been sitting in front of the PC reloading and refreshing since lunch to get a post up and it’s only now that I got the ‘Edit Post’ page to load. (Can’t even watch my favorite shows that’s been ready for streaming hours ago *sniff sniff.) It even got worse with the little downpour that we had just now.

Oh, well, we’ll always have two days after for a new post.  (Fingers crossed, the net will be on hyperdrive by then. ^^,)  Catch up reading on Baguio restaurants and food, anyone?

For now, here’s me wishing your week’s/day’s going well, my fellow foodies. (“,)

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