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In Milk Tea Heaven at Cha Tien

It’s official, I found the best milk tea (for me)!

Cha Tien Milk Tea Shop menu

(Reflection of) the Cha Tien menu =)

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With Moonleaf, Bubbatealicious and Serendipitea in Baguio; Let’s have Another Tea Off!

What did I say about tea based beverages being the ‘in’ drink now?  Three more tea refreshment offering brands opened in Baguio.  (“,) There’s Moonleaf (opened on 12/12/2012), BubbaTea Licious (no idea when they opened, just saw them recently =b) and My Serendipitea (in the state of a soft opening now).


Moonleaf store

The Moonleaf store

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With Zen Tea, Guiltea, and Bon Appetea in Baguio; Let’s have a Tea Off!

Tea based beverages have come a long way.  These days, they’re available in every kind of flavor you can think of, and artificial as though these flavors from a bottle may seem, they’re a hit with today’s crowd.  Tea drinks; hot or cold, fruity or with milk and their tapioca pearls lining up in the straw to get to your mouth, have become the refreshment of choice for both the young and the old in Baguio City.

ZenTea hot green tea with lavender

Having a tea moment with hot green tea with lavender

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