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Full On Taste and Sights at BZA HomeArts Cafe

From the first time …



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Cozy at Cosy’s (“,)

I’m so happy, I couldn’t think of anything to say.  (“,)

Cosy's Cafe and Roasterie view

A cheery sight! *smiling from ear to ear

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Happy Halloween, my foodie friends! (“,)

We don’t really celebrate Halloween in the Philippines but we’re slowly getting into the spirit (…spirits? =b) of it.  A ‘demon-stration’ (*heeharhar) of just how powerful a force, globalization is. *A-whooooo!

Diplomat Hotel Baguio

Me – getting into the Halloween spirit at Diplomat Hotel Baguio (2010). Whooooooo! (“,)

Let’s take a break from the Baguio food and restaurant blog and just hang …upside down or around (whichever you prefer) a little bit.  If you’re at a Halloween party, you can just go ahead and get to ‘gnaw’ the other guys and ghouls there.  Try out the party food too, =D how about a slice of Tombstone pizza topped with Muenster cheese or bagel with scream cheese?  Some fish and ships for Mr. Kraken? =))

Alright, I’ll put this post (mortem) of horrifyingly bad Halloween puns to rest.

Happy Halloween, guys!

***Thanks to the people at .engravingsublimationforum.com for giving me an idea about Halloween puns!

***Thanks to picmonkey.com/ and their super rad photo editing tools. \m/

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