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UPDATE: C Boutique Hotel … Angels, ‘meet Charley’.

All rightie, it’s confirmed. Charley’s is the name of C Boutique Hotel’s in house restaurant/bar. (I didn’t want to assume when Jo, Race and I went exploring what this accommodation had to offer in the way of munchables. *hee)

Anyhoo, due to the inclement weather we’ve had (Typhoon Nando’s in the Philippine area of responsibility now but I hope, it will leave the soonest *fingers crossed), I (probably everyone) didn’t get out much to check any restaurant off the list or even make a repeat visit to any of the places I liked. Boy, was I in the mood for Charley’s dishes.

It was fabulous timing that Maam Gracie of SkyCable’s Events Next Door invited my fellow blogger eatsplorers, Ane and Sam, and me to an exclusive food event at C Boutique. \m/

Charley's Bar from the C Boutique Hotel balcony

Charley’s Bar from the C Boutique Hotel lounge/balcony. Check out the first C Boutique Hotel blog post for more photos of the restaurant.

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Intermission – The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference (“,)

… is just a few days away!

Happening on May 11, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Azalea Residences, we hope you’ve made a visit to the site(s) – cordillerabloggers.org or http://www.facebook.com/baguioblogconference to register.

Click here for the registration form.

If you haven’t done so yet, the Cordillera Bloggers have pulled out all the stops with the help of Sky Cable’s Events Next Door with Maam Gracie to invite you, oh budding writer, you, again. =D

Guesting at Sky Cable's Events Next Door with Maam Gracie

Face time in the name of the 2nd Baguio Blog Conference at Sky Cable’s Events Next Door with Maam Gracie ^^,

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