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Melt Bistro: Where Premium Meats Go, “I’m melting…meltiiing!”

I couldn’t resist (using that line). =b

2014-09-18 Melt Premium Meats Restaurant Us Angus Beef Panizza Salmon Baguio (7)

But at least in this case, the melting going on is Read More…

A New Meaning to the Phrase ‘Food for Thought’ (cont’d)

It’s a new day!

Let’s pick up where we left off with bashing Baguio restaurants (that didn’t serve good food or had bad service in our visit).  So where were we?  We ended with Mile Hi Diner yesterday and today, we’re going to start with the restaurants in Pines View Hotel.  Let’s just get this over with so we can get back to the good stuff the city has to offer.  (“,)

Failed Quest

Failed Quest

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Diner Dash: The Face Off between 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner (part 1)

Diner dash for the three most established diners in Baguio City is on!  This ‘competition’ is powered by X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods with judge, Xine.  And the contenders: Glenn’s 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner.  Going beyond speedy service, this competition is going to rate the food, the price of the food, the quality of service, and the ambiance that each of these restaurants have.  Let the gaaaaames begiiiiiin! Read More…

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