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UPDATE: Baguio Food Blog Posting Frequency

We’ve been going at the list of Baguio Restaurants like crazy the past year (a little bit because I was anticipating what would happen on December 21, 2012.  =)) I thought just in case the world ended, at least we would’ve covered about half of the food establishments in the city. *heeharhar)  At the rate we were going though, I would’ve run out of material in the first quarter of 2013. =b …unless, buildings and businesses start popping up like mushrooms (which they do a little bit now. Hhmmm).

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Happy 2013, my foodie friends! (“,)

It’s the new year!  We’re given another 365 opportunities for accomplishments (to be happy, to be content, to learn something, to be a blessing to others and of course, let’s not forget, to sit at a table of good eats… and more!  No such thing as a small blessing/accomplishment. ^^,)

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to one and all!

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