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Menus from Our Most Recent Eatscapades, part 3

We’re so loaded …

Baguio Crossroad Puzzle Interactive Lounge a section of the dining area 2017

Winter is here … in Baguio. ^^,

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Tita Lea’s Food Specialties: A Taste of Malabon in Baguio City

It’s high time we take a closer look at Tita Lea’s food specialties.

Baguio Tita Lea's Malabon Food Specialties authentic pancit Malabon

A full view … ^^,

If the photo of that whole bilao of authentic pancit Malabon isn’t enough for you, Baguio eatsplorer, we can dig deeper into the details.

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Tam-awan: Feed the Body, Feed the Soul

Baguio is a city that’s big on art.  For the number of people that live here who are blessed with a talent for the creative, there are also a handful of establishments that exhibit their inspired works, not only museum-like displays or galleries (that you surely have got in your mind now) but also, establishments that bring beautiful artwork and delicious food together.  Tam-awan is such a place.  When you visit this so called garden in the sky, you’ll be able to feed your body just as you could, your soul.

Tam-awan Village 2012

Welcome to Tam-awan Village! (“,)

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