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Intermission: The Highs – Oriental Legazpi stay and The (extreme) Lows – Misibis Bay stay of Legazpi

I’m home!  (“,)

The Highs

With my quick Legazpi When It Sizzles post on this blog’s Facebook page on Friday, some of you have been wondering where I was when that photo was taken.  Setting: Our room on the fifth floor at the Oriental Legazpi.  I would like to commend them on this blogpost for making our three days stay in Legazpi worthwhile.  Such a good offering for accommodation, tours and adventures! ^^,

Legazpi Embarkadero 2014

A special Read More…

A Festival Themed Intermission ~courtesy of the Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe

January’s almost over and the festival season is coming in!

Panagbenga 2013 arch light

In line with all the hoopla, Cuttie Cuppies has teamed up with me (wee, success!) for this giveaway. *happy dance! Read More…

Forced Intermission Due to Intermit-net =(

Geez, Louise! My internet’s moving at a snail’s pace.  Arrgghh! It’s bringing to mind the part of the slug in the Monsters University movie. (That’s somewhere 12 minutes into the flick.) =b That determined look on the character’s face, that’s me. But my connection’s not cooperating. *sigh

I’ve been sitting in front of the PC reloading and refreshing since lunch to get a post up and it’s only now that I got the ‘Edit Post’ page to load. (Can’t even watch my favorite shows that’s been ready for streaming hours ago *sniff sniff.) It even got worse with the little downpour that we had just now.

Oh, well, we’ll always have two days after for a new post.  (Fingers crossed, the net will be on hyperdrive by then. ^^,)  Catch up reading on Baguio restaurants and food, anyone?

For now, here’s me wishing your week’s/day’s going well, my fellow foodies. (“,)

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