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How Much Does It Cost to Go on An Eating Binge…

Planning on going on an eating binge (in celebration of 2012 going out and 2013 coming in…or just because)?  A buffet is a good away to go.  \m/ You get a huge spread for a good price and it all depends on how much real estate you can fill in your tummy. (“,)

Omai Khan mongolian buffet

Many have been asking me about how much buffet meals cost in the City of Pines.  Here are some tables for buffet (buffet tables? *heehaha) offers from various restaurants and hotel/restaurants with their price, times and some additional details, my foodie friends.

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A New Meaning to the Phrase ‘Food for Thought’ PS2 (postscript 2)

Of all the meals that we have in a day, breakfast is probably the easiest (to make and to make delicious ^^,).  Grab a box of cereal, pour on the milk; it’s good and you’re ready to go.  *harhar  I remember when I graduated to high school; my grand uncle asked me if I already knew how to cook.  I told him not that well but I can prepare breakfast quite easily.  He suddenly laughed and said, oh, breakfast; go out to the bakery and buy pandesal.  BUSTED!  I was so busted.  *sheepish grins all around =b

Dining out for breakfast, especially if it’s a buffet from a hotel restaurant, you’d no doubt expect a lavish and delicious spread.  You could be wrong.  I was… Read More…

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