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How Much Does It Cost to Go on An Eating Binge…

Planning on going on an eating binge (in celebration of 2012 going out and 2013 coming in…or just because)?  A buffet is a good away to go.  \m/ You get a huge spread for a good price and it all depends on how much real estate you can fill in your tummy. (“,)

Omai Khan mongolian buffet

Many have been asking me about how much buffet meals cost in the City of Pines.  Here are some tables for buffet (buffet tables? *heehaha) offers from various restaurants and hotel/restaurants with their price, times and some additional details, my foodie friends.

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Cuore Buffet: Everything Korean Cuisine Under One Roof

Do you like Korean food?

Sure, there are Korean dishes that are an acquired taste but then there are some of them that are just like Filipino food, e.g. chapchae and bulgogi.  Essentially, I’m talking to the foodies who had Korean food and like everything, if not, most of it.  A new establishment has opened serving Korean food on buffet and at Cuore Buffet, you need to like Korean cuisine enough if you’re going to get any kind of value for your money.  =D

Cuore Buffet spread

What’s on the tables at Cuore Buffet? A lot. \m/

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