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Intermission (in the name of Vanity and Shameless Plugging *hihi)

Bed weather we’ve been having of late.

As I try to think about which restaurant to write about on this scheduled posting day, nothing really comes to mind but the urge to go back under the comforters and sleep the rainy day (hopefully it’s singular) away with my furry companions.  (Fat chance. =b)

I then remembered some of you, my fellow foodies, have been asking what I’ve been doing in the times I made these Facebook posts:

https://www.facebook.com/FindGoodBaguioFoods/posts/617566531596629 https://www.facebook.com/FindGoodBaguioFoods/posts/640743915945557

What else have I been up to besides stuffing my face with what’s good to eat in Baguio that the 24 hours in a day isn’t enough?

Besides working to ensure there will always be bacon *heehaha … this is one of them:

Mowdeling (her highness’ word for what we’ve been doing in fun shoots =D)

Fairy concept shot by Split2nd Evolutions at CJH Ecotrail

20130629 CJH Concept Shoot (a Split2nd Evolutions Production)
Organizer: Stella Jezebelle
HMUA: Stella Jezebelle
Photographer: John Huang
Headdress: Accents and Petals
Who’s that girl? =))

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♣♣ Table of Contents ♣♣

Whoa! So many restaurants in Baguio City, right? (Told you so…just look at ♣♣ The List ♣♣ =D) Want to read my take on a particular food establishment? Here’s a Quick Search Table for Restaurants in Baguio. Press Ctrl F and type in the name of the restaurant you’re looking for on the search bar. If I’ve already written about it, you know exactly when I posted the article. ^^,

X Marks the Spot for Good Food in Baguio 2012 (everyone's a foodie =D)

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