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Baguio Food Adventures: A Menu Rundown

Hello, Baguio food questers!

Baguio R & B Cafe and Library dining area 2017

A section of the R&B dining area/library. ^^,

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Happy Easter, everyone! (“,)

A quick greeting for you my dear followers/readers/visitors (because I too have some Easter Sunday plans on the docket. *hihi)

Le Chef bunny shaped chocolate

Bunny shaped choco just for the occasion. ^^,

(Nothing will ever compare to the Care Bear molded chocolate from Choco Loco … or was it Loco Choco =b on Session where Curamed Pharmacy is now. It was more than baking choco, it really had different flavors based on their pretty pastel colors. Aw, miss Care Bear choco. Loco Choco, where are you?

That said, we now have a refrigerator mascot. Meet Abracadabra, guys. =D)

***Making a visit to the Le Chef deli, you might want to try the baked treats they have there.  Ham and cheese? Ensaymada? Blondies? Or how about a slice (or two =b) of one of the best (in my opinion) blueberry cheesecakes in Baguio?

I hope you and your loved ones have a reflective and wonderful day!

UPDATE: Le Chef Deli – Ensaimada

In my October 24, 2012 post about Le Chef, I touched a bit on the Palm Garden Health Spa (The Manor’s in-house spa) staff’s favorite deli product…the ensaimada/ensaymada.  (Shout out the spa people! Hey, hey, hey! (“,))  I didn’t have a photo of this delectable pastry then and here it is now! Read More…

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