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Wellbeing Ssambap Korean Restaurant: Getting Wrapped Up in Healthful Eats

Ssambap – ssam, sometimes also transliterated as ssäm, literally meaning “wrapped”, refers to a dish in Korean cuisine in which, usually, leafy vegetables are used to wrap a piece of meat such as pork or other filling. ~
Wellbeing Ssampbap Korean Restaurant Baguio leafy greens and maroons

Leafy green (… and um, maroon?) wrappers. Variety a la Eve’s Garden. \m/

As promised, here are the details of our latest(ish) eatscapade. (Wee, another Read More…

Jewel (of A Meal) in the (Korean) Palace

What could be better than a meal of samgyeopsal?  (My old Korean students must be thinking of their favorite dishes, right now. Shout outs to you, kiddos – who are not so kiddie anymore! (“,))

The answer: An eat all you can meal of samgyeopsal!

Korean Palace eat all you can weekends

Grilled buffet!!!

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Cuore Buffet: Everything Korean Cuisine Under One Roof

Do you like Korean food?

Sure, there are Korean dishes that are an acquired taste but then there are some of them that are just like Filipino food, e.g. chapchae and bulgogi.  Essentially, I’m talking to the foodies who had Korean food and like everything, if not, most of it.  A new establishment has opened serving Korean food on buffet and at Cuore Buffet, you need to like Korean cuisine enough if you’re going to get any kind of value for your money.  =D

Cuore Buffet spread

What’s on the tables at Cuore Buffet? A lot. \m/

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