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Intermission to Do Some Recon (“,)

Hey there, foodie friends! Just as the title says… I used this day for some recon work on a must-try food establishment in the City of Pines.  Will post the write up on that place soon! For now; I wish you a happy, restful and blessed Sunday!  (“,)

Making (New) Memories at Decades Fusion Restaurant

Somebody pinch me!

Baguio Decades Restaurant X and the windows I've come to love so much

X’s and diamonds (“,)

A pretty house that’s been Read More…

La Trinidad Food Adventure: Yasuragi Japanese Restaurant

And we’re back checking out eating places at our neighbor’s, La Trinidad – our quick fix for eats beyond the borders of Baguio. Thanks, L.T.!

La Trinidad metro Baguio Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine yasuragi roll

Thanks, also, to Read More…

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