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Celebrating the Holidays in Baguio…Your Home Away from Home – the Sequel

Into the 21st and we’re still here!  I guess, the Mayans DID just run out of material for their calendar.  *heeharhar  As promised, I have the details on the holiday celebration offers that Le Chef at the Manor has.  Read More…

Celebrating the Holidays in Baguio…Your Home Away from Home

Celebrating the holidays in the City of Pines, away from home?  Don’t be sad.  (Big hugs to you!) Whether you’re by yourself or you’ve got your family in tow for the holidays in Baguio City, there’s nothing to worry about since hotel restaurants like Hill Station at Casa Vallejo and Dinelli Gourmet at Le Monet Hotel have planned a fantastic holiday celebration for you. =)

Hill Station at Casa Vallejo

Christmas Eve Dinner Read More…

Notable Edibles #24 – Chelcius Delicacies Matcha Crunch & Menus in the Baguio Dining Scene

Are you ready for another post that will help us cover more eatsploring ground, my foodie friends?

Baguio Teatone by the Kusingeros 2019 harmony milk tea cup

Milk tea and fruit tea in a harmony cup … for the indecisive, torn between two flavors types. =))

Let’s Read More…

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